General Information
Advantageous changes to federal legislation have completely removed the capital gains tax owed on donations of publicly traded securities to registered charities and made a huge impact on charitable giving in Canada. This new opportunity for donors will have a tremendous impact on the Ontario SPCA's ability to prevent animal cruelty across the province.

Like all donations to the Ontario SPCA, gifts of securities will help provide law enforcement, adoption, community and humane education services, as well as research that will ensure the highest quality of animal care within our animal centres. Donations of shares will carry significant tax advantages and substantially reduce the after-tax cost of giving, enabling more donors who are interested in making a gift using publicly traded securities to become partners in our cause.

Prior to this legislation, investments that grew in value and were divested were subject to capital gains tax on the appreciated value. By donating the shares to a registered charity like the Ontario SPCA, the capital gains are now tax exempt, and the total value of the gift is eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Many donors can now make a donation without affecting cash flow or incurring tax liabilities.

If you are interested in learning more about making a donation of securities to the Ontario SPCA, please contact:
1-888-668-7722 ext. 309 or

As pet owners and animal lovers we try to show respect for all living things and feel that people have a special responsibility for the species that humans have domesticated. One of the reasons we like to support the Ontario SPCA is because its services reach down to individual communities where animals are rescued, rehabilitated and put up for adoption at a local level. At the same time, the organization has the experience to manage donations of securities effortlessly.

Part of our contribution to animal welfare is hands on volunteer work; giving an in-kind donation of securities complements that effort. Our cat Sadie was a pregnant stray that we volunteered to foster until her five kittens could be weaned. Four of her kittens were returned for adoption and we kept the runt, who we named Ferdinand (Ferdie).

The tax benefit to donating gifts of securities is profound to individuals. This is why we continue to donate mutual fund shares to the Ontario SPCA.
Sandy Gage & Kimberley Short