The Ideal Doghouse

It’s that time of year.  The cold is setting in and we need to get the house ready for winter to make sure we will keep warm.  We also need to make sure our dog’s house is up to par so they stay warm. Is your doghouse ready for the winter? Some breeds of dogs … Continue reading The Ideal Doghouse

Nov 28, 2012
by Laura

Help Stop Pet Overpopulation in Ontario

I continue to be astounded by the numbers of spay/neuter procedures the Ontario SPCA High Volume Spay/Neuter services perform in a week’s time.    Last week, the Barrie and Newmarket services performed a combined 199 surgeries (135 cats and 64 dogs).   Based on a business and operational model developed by Humane Alliance, the high volume, self-sustaining services can … Continue reading Help Stop Pet Overpopulation in Ontario

Nov 27, 2012
by Laura