Feline Friends & Winter

Winter is in full swing! These frigid temperatures and winter weather conditions are not meant for cats. We recommend keeping cats indoors at all times of the year, especially winter. To brush up on some important winter tips to keep cats safe for the duration of the winter, check out this past blog post.     more »

Jan 30, 2015
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8 Winter Care Tips for Pet Pigs

When it comes to winter, pigs aren’t that different from people. Like people (and unlike most pets) pigs don’t have protective fur to keep them warm when the temperature drops. Pet pigs can get bored, feel reluctant to go outside, and like us, pigs also seem more susceptible to illness during the winter. Perhaps the more »

Jan 29, 2015
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TREATS for ALL, FOUR LEGS OR TWO: Anna Olson Guest Blog & Contest

Anna Olson, National Cupcake Day supporter and host of the Food Network Canada‘s “Baking With Anna Olson,” guest blogs for us today to talk about why she chose the ingredients she did for her yummy Double Apple Pupcakes. Click here to download the recipe card for Anna’s Double Apple Pupcakes. We all are fully aware more »

Ontario SPCA Sudbury & District Branch Moves to Collège Boréal

This article “Sudbury SPCA moves to Collège Boréal” appeared in “Sudbury Northern Life” this past Sunday, January 25, 2015. Read on to learn more about the Ontario SPCA Sudbury & District Branch‘s move to Collège Boréal where it is now called the Sudbury & District Animal Centre. Sudbury SPCA moves to Collège Boréal Sudbury Northern Life By: Heidi Ulrichsen more »

VIDEO: Celebrity Chef Anna Olson Shares Her Yummy Puppy Cupcake Recipe

Celebrity chef Anna Olson, host of Food Network Canada’s popular series “Bake with Anna Olson,” shows us how to make her special lemon coconut puppy cupcake recipe for National Cupcake Day! It’s a yummy one so watch closely and try it yourself! Watch now and let us know what you think of the video by more »

Can Your Dog Be A Therapy Dog?

Therapy dogs provide an important service. Their comforting nature can provide support to people in a range of settings, like hospitals, retirement homes, and schools. A simple visit can make all the difference to lift someone’s spirits and boost moral for someone going through treatment, therapy or recovery. While therapy dogs can be any breed more »

Jan 27, 2015
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Tips for a Safe Dog Walk This Winter

While winter dog walking can sometimes be a challenge, it’s important to meet your dog’s exercise needs all year round—even in the winter. Not only will this keep your dog physically active during the winter months, it’ll also provide much needed mental stimulation for your dog. Here are some safety tips when walking your dog more »

Jan 26, 2015
by admin

Caring for Feral Cats in the Winter

When the temperature drops, you may have wondered what happens to the feral cat community in your neighbourhood. While feral cats are adept at surviving outdoors, the harsh winter months can make it very difficult for them to find food, water and shelter. If you’re thinking of taking care of feral cats this winter, why more »

Jan 23, 2015
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Want Your Cat & Dog to Be Best Buds?

How cute would it be to feature your dog and cat snuggling up together on your next holiday card? If you’re looking for some tips on keeping the peace between the two species, check out this blog!

Jan 22, 2015
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Are You Prepared for the Next Winter Storm?

When a heavy snowfall hits, it can often be too late to run out and get supplies for your pet. That’s why emergency preparedness in the event of a winter storm is so essential. Severe winter weather can bring road closures, power outages, water shortages, or leave you snowed in for a few days. Here more »

Jan 21, 2015
by admin