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Birdwatching 2.0

The other day I was in the backyard, relaxing after a considerable wrestling match with my lawnmower (which, by the way, the lawnmower won). I saw Jersey staring silently at something in the trees and figured it was the evil squirrels teasing her again. To my surprise, it was not the squirrels but a really … Continue reading Birdwatching 2.0

Aug 18, 2010
by Aubrie

Canine Cannonball

I have often considered agility training for my dog Jersey. She’s quite the athlete and loves to do things outdoors.The only catch is that we are still struggling with the basic “come” command as soon as a small animal comes into sight; along comes a bunny rabbit and she is gone like a shot. I … Continue reading Canine Cannonball

Jun 30, 2010
by Aubrie