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Hop into your local PetSmart to find your new rabbit friend

The Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre is teaming up with PetSmart® this weekend. We hope to find loving homes for the recent influx of rabbits in our care during PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend. Find your own rabbit today!

Find your very own rabbit!

rabbit, Angora
Angora rabbit Frizzy at Newmarket PetSmart.

From Friday, Nov. 11 to Sunday, Nov. 13, all rabbits will be available for a special adoption fee of $25! They will be available at participating PetSmart locations in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Brampton, East York and Barrie.

By adopting a bunny this weekend, you can help ensure space becomes available for other rabbits in need.

Please consider welcoming a rabbit into your family and if you can’t adopt right now, please spread the word about this adoption blitz.

Meet the rabbits up for adoption here.

Bunny care tips

rabbit, rabbits, cute
Schnookie, available at South Brampton PetSmart.

1. Rabbits aren’t the best starter pets for young children

Rabbits are quite delicate and frighten easily. If a rabbit isn’t handled correctly, the rabbit may kick, bite or scratch out of fear. When being picked up, rabbits need full support on their front and hindquarters, otherwise they can seriously injure their spine. Never pick up a rabbit by their ears as this is very painful and cruel.

2. Not all rabbits get along

Before getting a second rabbit, it’s important that the two rabbits meet on neutral ground to make sure they get along. Most shelters have an area where you can introduce the two animals. Bunnies that are housed in the same cage need to be spayed/neutered to reduce aggressive behaviour and mating.

3. Chew: Favourite pastime 

Rabbits don’t know the difference between good and bad things to chew. That’s why any area in the house that your pet can access needs to be rabbit-proof (i.e., no access to things that can harm them, like electrical cords, books or furniture).  Give your bunny something good to chew on, like cardboard boxes, chewing toys or rabbit-safe chew sticks.

4. Regular exercise is a must!

Rabbits need space to run, jump and exercise, ideally in a playpen, outdoor area or rabbit-proofed room. Rabbits are vulnerable to predators and should be supervised at all times while in an outdoor play area. Check out our tips on giving your pet a mental workout and ideas on keeping your bunny active. It’s recommended that rabbits be given several hours for exercise per day.

See tips 6-9 on the full post!

Nov 11, 2016
by Emily Cook