Ontario SPCA seeking information on raccoon shot with two arrows

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Brant County, ON (November 19, 2015) – On November 13, 2015 a raccoon was found walking along Paris road injured, with two arrows puncturing its body still intact.

A Brant County SPCA Agent was called to the scene and assessed the animal. The Agent observed the two crossbow bolts to be protruding through the raccoon’s body.

The raccoon was transferred to a veterinarian clinic that specializes in wildlife for an exam. X-rays were then performed on the raccoon. Due to extensive injuries from the incident, the animal was humanely euthanized. The two crossbow bolts with field tips attached were removed from the raccoon’s body.

“Anyone that may have information on these animals and how they got into the state they were found in, is encouraged to contact the Ontario SPCA by calling 310-SPCA. All calls will remain anonymous,” says Senior Inspector Jennifer Bluhm, Ontario SPCA.


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