Minden woman charged with permitting cruelty to animals Ontariospca

Minden woman charged with permitting cruelty to animals


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Minden, ON (February 5, 2016) – On January 29, 2016, Winnifred Kasepchuck of Minden, ON, was found guilty for failing to comply with the prescribed standards of care for animals as set out by the Ontario SPCA Act.

On April 2, 2014, Ontario SPCA Officers attended the address of Kasepchuck in Minden, Ont., in response to a concern for the welfare of dogs kept at that residence. The officers found many of the animals to be in a state of distress. There was a foul smell coming from the dwelling and several dogs were severely matted with fecal matter caked in their fur. One dog in the shed had an open wound on its side. The horse and donkey had severely overgrown hooves to the point where they had difficulty walking, and there was only a small, inadequate amount of water in the barn. The barn and the shed housing dogs were both in a dilapidated state, and appeared unsafe and unsanitary.

An Ontario SPCA Order was made and served to Kasepchuck to relieve the distress of the animals, by having the hooves of the donkey and horse trimmed by a qualified farrier, and the dogs groomed of their matted hair. One dog also needed to be examined by a veterinarian for the wound on its side.

Three dogs were surrendered by Kasepchuck to the Society and taken to be examined by a veterinarian. All three dogs were found to be in a state of distress: they were badly matted and had parasites. The examining veterinarian stated one dog was underweight with severe matting, and there was feces and urine matted all over the back end.

On April 17, 2014, after more Orders had been served and not complied with, Ontario SPCA Officers returned to Kasepchuck’s residence with an Animals in Distress warrant along with a veterinarian and an Ontario Provincial Police Constable. The Officers examined sixteen dogs and did a brief assessment of one horse, one donkey and one goat. Around a dozen chickens confined to shed were also briefly assessed. The environment and condition of the animals was found to be unsanitary and unsuitable for the animals to live in.

The veterinarian advised the removal of the donkey to a proper place where it could be provided with food, care and/or treatment, in order to relieve the animal from distress. Five additional Orders were issued to Kasepchuck to relieve the distress observed in the animals that were to remain in her possession. Orders were also issued for seven dogs in particular, to have various medical concerns addressed. Another Order was issued to provide the horse and goat with a safe living environment, and provide adequate ventilation and a sanitary living environment for the chickens.

“There is no excuse to let an animal go without proper veterinary medical attention,” says Regional Inspector Alison Green. “If you are unable to care for your animal, contact your Ontario SPCA Community Society to discuss what options are available.”

Winnifred Kasepchuck was sentenced to 15 years prohibition from owning, having custody or care of or living with any animal, expect the registered Canine Therapy dog owned and cared for by Gary Kasepchuck, with conditions. Kasepchuck is ordered to pay restitution to the Ontario SPCA of $2,500, and allow inspection of her property by Ontario SPCA officers to ensure compliance of the orders.


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