Newmarket, ON (February 19, 2016) - The Ontario SPCA has received inquiries on the assessment process of the dog fighting dogs in our care. The Society would like to clarify some misinformation; the breed of the animals is not a factor in the assessment. The information gathered is focused on the behavior of the animal. The dogs are not legally owned by the Ontario SPCA and as such, the Society does not have the jurisdiction to relocate the animals. All of our rehabilitation work and assessments with these fighting dogs, by law, must be done in our care.

As mentioned in an earlier statement, euthanasia is always a last resort. The Society continues to work with each animal individually to assess the needs of the animal including bringing in experts in dog fighting behavior rehabilitation.

For this case, the Society reached out to the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team to provide their expertise. This highly trained team has been involved in some of the largest dog fighting cases in North America.

The Society’s assessments and rehabilitation of the dogs continue as the animals remain in our care. The goal of the Society is always to try to rehabilitate and rehome the animals when we are able, this includes adoptable Pit Bull-type dogs. We will continue to focus on this goal as this investigation continues.