MEDIA RELEASE – St. Catharines, ON - August 26, 2016 -Stemming from a Niagara Regional Police drug warrant executed in January, 2016, a St. Catharines man has been convicted of two counts of cruelty to animals.

On January 26, 2016, Mark McGregor, now of Thorold, was arrested by members of the NRPS at a Page Street, St. Catharines address. While on scene officers found several dogs including three confined to an area in the rear yard. The LCHS was notified and the dogs were removed.

The living area for the three dogs was complete mud and feces and no food or water was present.  Charges of failing to provide adequate and appropriate food, water and sanitary conditions were laid, along with charges of causing and permitting distress.

On August 25, 2016, in St. Catharines Provincial Offences Court, McGregor pleaded guilty to the unsanitary conditions and permitting distress charges. He was given a $50 fine per count and was banned from owning any dogs for five years.

The Lincoln County Humane Society adopted out all five dogs taken from the property that night, including flying two pitbulls to Nova Scotia and adopting out all the puppies born from one of the females, who was picked up pregnant.

“It’s imperative that people provide suitable and adequate care for their animals at all times” said Kevin Strooband, Executive Director of the Lincoln County Humane Society “Pet owners are encouraged to speak to their local Humane Society if they require any advice on proper care.”

Two charges of failing to provide food and water and causing distress were withdrawn.


Kevin Strooband, Executive Director
Lincoln County Humane Society
905-682-0767 ext 508