Norfolk man pleads guilty to animal cruelty charges

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Welland, ON (September 9, 2016) – On August 9, 2016, Isaak Knelsen of Norfolk, ON pled guilty to animal cruelty charges under the Criminal Code of Canada and received a five-year ban on owning animals.

The Welland & District Humane Society received information from Ontario Provincial Police on November 23, 2015 about a dog that had its testicles cut off with a box cutter-type knife by its owner for killing a chicken.

The Ontario SPCA and police attended the address and met with Knelsen’s wife. She reported that on November 19, 2015, upon returning home, they noticed the dog had killed a chicken. As a result, Knelsen told his wife to tie the dog to a post inside the barn. She reported her husband then went into the barn and cut off the dog’s testicles before releasing him to run free.

Officers examined the dog’s injuries during their visit to the property and, under the Ontario SPCA Act, the owners were served Orders to take action to relieve the animal of distress by having the dog examined by a veterinarian and follow treatment recommendations, with special attention to the open wound. Due to the extent of the dog’s injuries, it was humanely euthanized at the recommendation of the veterinarian.

Isaak Knelsen has been convicted under the Criminal Code of Canada with willfully and without lawful excuse, wounding, causing injury to a dog and permitting unnecessary pain and suffering. He was sentenced to two years probation and was banned from owning animals for five years. He was also ordered to pay $200 in restitution to the Welland & District Humane Society.



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John Greer
Welland & District Humane Society