The protection and care of the sled dogs remains the Ontario SPCA's top priority and we continue to take action to ensure the dogs receive the care they require.  

As a result of complaints to the 310-SPCA hotline, we responded to allegations of animal neglect at ‎Windrift Adventures in Moonstone, Ontario.

The Ontario SPCA issued orders requiring the owners to provide care for the dogs, including insulated shelter, clean potable water in spill proof containers at all times, appropriate feed as recommended by a veterinarian consulted and veterinary assessments of dogs requiring medical care.

The Standards of Care outlined under the Ontario SPCA Act requires that dogs who live primarily outdoors must be provided with a structurally sound enclosure for their use at all times. The enclosure must be weather-proofed and insulated. Dogs require, as a minimum, a dry, draft-free doghouse soundly built of weatherproof materials with the door facing away from prevailing winds. It should be elevated and insulated, with a door flap and bedding of straw or wood shavings. 

To date, the owners of the dogs have been complying with the orders.‎ The veterinary assessments continue, and again, the owners are complying with the order and providing the dogs medical treatment as needed.‎ To date, of all the dogs assessed, 3 dogs have been found to require veterinary care and the dogs are being treated. We expect to receive a final report on the medical needs of the dogs. 

We are aware of a second property. We are in the process of accessing that property to determine the number of dogs and the levels of care provided to them.

Members of the public, concerned for the welfare of the dogs, continue to seek assurance that the dogs are receiving the care they require. In an effort to respond to the hundreds of public inquiries and numerous media requests we have received, we will continue to provide updates about this investigation.

Click here to download audio clip featuring Deputy Chief Inspector Jennifer Bluhm.