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  AnimalRescue_VR2-1 Dear Friend,

I write to you today to share three emergency rescue and relief removals our Inspectorate participated in, in the last few days.

Ontario SPCA Officers worked in three different areas of the province despite difficult weather conditions to save over 160 animals in urgent need of care and attention.

In Oxford County, 42 dogs from an alleged puppy mill operation were removed, immediately examined by veterinarians and treated accordingly. In the Grey and Bruce Counties, 48 Mastiff type dogs including more than 10 puppies were removed from a home and brought urgently to an Ontario SPCA facility to be treated and cared for.

Concluding the rescues, over 60 rabbits were removed from a Manitoulin Island property after an investigation revealed the owner was not providing proper care for the animals.

In each of these cases charges are pending as the three investigations continue. The animals will remain in the care of the Ontario SPCA, as our staff members continue to work day in and day out, round the clock to ensure these scared mistreated animals are receiving the medical treatment and basic care they desperately deserve and need.

Sadly, days like these are not unusual for the Ontario SPCA. This is why we need your support today! Our Rescue and Relief teams are able to help respond to cruelty cases and care for animals in need because of your generous donations. Caring for this many animals at once, strains are already depleted end of year resources. 2011 has been one of our most resource draining in recent memory!

To support our Rescue and Relief efforts, please visit or call us toll-free at 1-888-668-7722 ex 321 today!

We will keep you updated on these rescued animals as the investigations continue. As always our underlining goal is to ensure the animals are getting the care they require and deserve.


Connie Mallory
Chief Inspector
Ontario SPCA