Ontario SPCA Thanks The Public For Overwhelming Response

Letter to the editor

The Ontario SPCA wishes to thank members of the public for their overwhelming support by way of donations.  Donations make it possible for our officers to be able to do their job in relieving animals from distress and providing the necessary housing and care for them, and we wish to thank everyone for their help and support.   The Ontario SPCA is a not for profit organization that does not receive government funding to enforce animal welfare legislation.  We responded to 13,000 calls of animal cruelty last year.

In the past week the Ontario SPCA has been involved in 3 large removals from across the province involving 1 case of 68 rabbits, 1 case of 48 large breed dogs and 1 case of 42 dogs.

The support we receive is either by financial donations, items purchased or donated, food being supplied and even gift cards.  This type of assistance helps to house the animals, feed them, care for their medical needs, and cover the cost of the removal and the cost of the court proceedings.  It can easily cost 100,000 dollars for cases like the 3 from last week.  When a plea for help goes out it’s with the goal that everything being donated will assist the organization across the province with cases just like these ones.  This is nothing new for the Ontario SPCA however as the numbers of removals are increasing so does the financial burden on the organization and that’s where we need the help of our communities.

Our request for help comes from our offices throughout the province and we sincerely appreciate the generosity of all those who have responded to this plea for assistance.  Special thanks to Woodstock and the surrounding communities, the local Fire Departments and Police Services.

If you wish to make a donation please visit our website or
by phone 1-888-668-7722.

If you have a concern of animal abuse or neglect please call 1-888-668-7722.

Provincial Media Contact
Agent Brad Dewar
Investigation & Communications Officer
Ontario SPCA, Provincial Office

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Ontario SPCA): Protecting animals since 1873, the Ontario SPCA is a registered charity comprised of over 50 Communities relying primarily on donations to fund animal protection, care and rehabilitation; advocacy; and humane education. The Ontario SPCA Act mandates the Society to enforce animal cruelty laws and provides Society investigators with police powers to do so – making the Ontario SPCA unique among animal welfare organizations in the province. The Ontario SPCA is an affiliated with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.