Letter to the editor, National Post –RE: Humane Society delays move to accept strays directly



Letter to the Editor

RE: Humane Society delays move to accept strays directly


Dear Editor,


The Ontario SPCA would like to take this opportunity to correct some misinformation printed in the article, “Humane Society delays move to accept strays directly”.  The editorial incorrectly identifies that the Toronto Humane Society (THS) was once legally allowed to accept strays prior to the Ontario SPCA’s 2009 investigation. This is incorrect.  When Toronto Animal Services (TAS) was formed in 1991, THS lost the animal control contract.  At this point, they were no longer legally able to accept strays however, they continued to do so regardless of the law, until 2009.  This illegal service was stopped when the Ontario SPCA entered the THS facility and continued to cease when new management was appointed.

The Ontario SPCA would also like to clarify that becoming an Ontario SPCA affiliate will not allow, nor would have ever allowed, THS to accept strays. Having an affiliation with the Ontario SPCA only gives the organization permission to uphold the Ontario SPCA Act not the municipal by-laws. The City of Toronto’s animal welfare by-laws can only be enforced through municipal animal control, Toronto Animal Services.
The Ontario SPCA is encouraged to hear that THS is working closely with TAS; together they are able to help the stray cats roaming the city of Toronto.


Connie Mallory
Chief Inspector
Ontario SPCA