Ontario SPCA commends Township of Brock



Letter to the Editor

RE: Brock Township considers by-law to regulate exotic animal ownership, by Mary Riley


Dear Editor,


The Ontario SPCA would like to commend the Township of Brock for considering the implementation of an exotic pets by-law.


In many municipalities throughout the province, owners of companion animals (pets) like cats and dogs require licensing. Unfortunately, exotic pet owners are often overlooked and do not currently require licenses. Many do not have the qualifications, or any sort of safety training to keep an exotic pet such as a tiger or poisonous snake — putting the owner, their family and their neighbours at risk.


As the author of this article mentioned, exotic pets require special care and housing.  Exotic pets are often purchased on impulse, with little knowledge or consideration regarding their environmental, behavioural, physiological and psychological needs. This can result in their improper care or neglect.


We encourage municipalities to adopt animal ownership restrictions for exotic pets and wildlife as we do not want to see animals neglected or mistreated.


The Ontario SPCA would also like municipalities to consider the safety and survival of exotic animals during an emergency. Police officers, fire fighters and paramedics are generally not trained to assist exotic pets in an emergency.  The responsibility ultimately rests on the owner of the animal.  We would like to see that proper protocols are set for exotic animals during these situations to ensure the safety of the community and the animals.


Additionally, the Ontario SPCA would welcome the opportunity to participate in the development of provincial or federal legislation that would ban the sale or importation of any exotic creature or wildlife for use as a pet or display. 


We thank the Township of Brock for working in the right direction to better animal welfare in your community .


Connie Mallory
Chief Inspector
Ontario SPCA


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