Bill 47 (Amended Bill 37)

The Ontario SPCA would like to make the public aware that Bill 47 does not take into consideration what is best for the animals across Ontario.

In 2009, the Ontario SPCA Act was amended placing Ontario the front runner for Animal Welfare legislation across Canada. Even considering the recent amendments, Bill 47 would cause Ontario to hold the worst Animal Welfare legislation in Canada.

Bill 47 would result in:

 Removing the Ontario SPCA policing powers, leaving the protection of animals to be fulfilled by police services or selected government agencies.

 The Ontario SPCA no longer being able to issue orders for appropriate animal care to animal owners.

 The Ontario SPCA not being able to take immediate action when an animal is in immediate distress to alleviate suffering or to preserve life. Any action would first have to be approved by a Justice of the Peace. For example, if a dog was left in a hot car, before the Ontario SPCA could remove the dog, they would have to leave that animal in the car until permission for removal is granted by a Justice of the Peace.

 The Ontario SPCA would be expected to pay for all animal care during an investigation, without compensation from the owner.

 The Ontario SPCA would no longer be able to investigate concerns for livestock animals.

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