Bracebridge woman convicted of three counts of animal cruelty under Ontario SPCA Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, BRACEBRIDGE, ON (April 4, 2013) – On March 26, 2013, Christina Lowe, 44, of Bracebridge, Ontario, was convicted of three counts of animal cruelty and neglect under the Ontario SPCA Act.


The charges included:

 One count for permitting distress to animals

 Two counts for failing to comply with Standards of Care

1. Failing to provide care necessary for general welfare

2. Failing to provide sanitary conditions


In September 2012, the Ontario SPCA received a complaint alleging animals had been abandoned and left in filthy conditions inside a residence.


On September 7, 2012, after there had been no response to any of the attempts by the Ontario SPCA for the owner to contact them, Ontario SPCA Investigators executed a search warrant at the residence and found several animals in distress and without an owner or custodian present.


Three dogs, two cats and three rats were found living in filthy conditions and without access to any clean, potable drinking water.  The rats were confined to a dirty cage with an inadequate amount of water, and there were piles and puddles of what appeared to be feces on the floors of the home as well as a very strong smell of ammonia.


Eight animals were removed and examined by a veterinarian who found one dog was underweight and had fleas and an ear infection; one dog appeared to be lame with pain in a front leg, had fleas and an ear infection; one dog had dirty ears and fleas; one cat had fleas and ear mites; one cat was badly matted, had fleas and burrs in its coat, and was in need of proper grooming and dental care. The three rats were confined to a cage that smelled of urine and contained lots of fecal matter.


Ms. Lowe was sentenced to 10 years prohibition from owning, living with, having custody of or caring for any animal, two years probation with conditions, was ordered to pay $ 2,357.98 in restitution to the Ontario SPCA and lastly fined $1,500.


All of the animals were adopted into new, loving homes.


“If providing for an animal in your care becomes difficult, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to ensure that the animal’s health isn’t compromised,” says Steve Toy, Senior Inspector. “Contact your local Ontario SPCA or Veterinarian to see what options are available.”


The Ontario SPCA reminds pet owners that if you have concerns for the welfare of your animal there are other alternatives than allowing an animal to go without adequate care. Contact your local Ontario SPCA and we can discuss what services are available. To report cruelty please call 1-888-668-7722 or email your concern to




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