Superior Court Issues conditions to the Owner of the 149 dogs removed from Norfolk County property

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Hamilton, ON (May 9, 2013) – The Ontario Superior Court has issued numerous conditions to a Norfolk County man, regarding 149 dogs found in his care.


On October 12, 2012, 149 dogs, predominately Italian Greyhounds, were removed from a Waterford property due to the unacceptable conditions they were found in.  The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA) has laid charges against the Owner and two other individuals.


The dogs have remained in the care of the HBSPCA and the Ontario SPCA, at a secure location.


The Owner chose to appeal the removal to the Animal Care Review Board.  His appeal was dismissed.  He then appealed to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, which resulted in numerous conditions being placed upon him in order that he can own animals in the future.


The court-ordered conditions are as follows:

 Must obtain a municipal kennel permit

 Must comply with Code of Practice and Standards of Care under the Ontario SPCA Act

 Must comply with municipal by-laws

 The Ontario SPCA has permission to make unannounced inspection of all buildings where dogs are housed including the dwelling once a month

 Must provide a Veterinary examination every six months for all canines in his custody and care, as well as follow any treatment recommendation of the examining veterinarian. A copy of the veterinary report must be provided to the Ontario SPCA.

 No more than 20 canines are allowed in his custody and care at any given time

 Must provide the Ontario SPCA with a list of dogs in his care at time of inspection

 Must pay the amount of $77,949.28 in monthly installments of no less than $250.00 to the Ontario SPCA

 If the Owner is found in default, all dogs in his custody and care are to be surrendered to the Ontario SPCA and the amount due must be paid immediately

 All other dogs must be surrendered immediately to the Ontario SPCA



These conditions will remain in force for a period of 10 years. During this time, the Owner must inform the Ontario SPCA of any change of address.


The Owners were charged with five counts under the Ontario SPCA Act, consisting of:

 1 count: Causing an animal to be in distress

 1 count: Permitting an animal to be in distress

 1 count: Failure to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention

 1 count: Failure to provide the care necessary for general welfare

 1 count: Failure to provide adequate and appropriate sanitary conditions


The Owners were also charged with five counts under the Criminal Code of Canada, consisting of:

 1 count: Causing unnecessary pain or suffering

 1 count: Fail to provide suitable and adequate food

 1 count: Fail to provide suitable and adequate water

 1 count: Fail to provide suitable and adequate medical attention

 1 count: Fail to provide suitable and adequate care



The next court appearance for the accused is scheduled for May 13, 2013 in the Ontario Court of Justice at 50 Fredrick Hobson VC Drive, Simcoe, ON.


The Ontario SPCA reminds pet owners that if you have concerns for the welfare of your animal do not let your animal go without adequate care.  Contact your local Ontario SPCA and we can discuss what services are available. To report cruelty please call 1-888-668-7722 or email your concern to




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