Cat shot with Crossbow survives surgery



FOR IMMIDIATE RELEASE -July 18, 2013 (St. Catharines, ON) Lincoln County Humane Society is investigating a case of animal cruelty where a domestic Siamese cat was shot with at least 4 times with a cross bow.


On Tuesday night the LCHS responded to Thorold South for a cat in distress and found a pregnant cat with the plastic portion of a dart sticking out of her abdomen. The cat was rushed to a veterinarian and underwent surgery. X-rays indicated the cat was carrying at least 6 kittens which had to be aborted during surgery. It was found that one of the kittens was impaled by the arrow, which actually saved the life of the cat.


Surgery was successful and the cat is recovering.


The LCHS is appealing to the public for information on this horrific case. “This cat suffered immensely by someone’s sick decision to target this defenceless animal” said Kevin Strooband, Executive Director of the Lincoln County Humane Society.


Cruelty to Animals convictions carry a fine up to $60,000 and up to 2 years in jail. A lifetime ban may also be imposed.


Although graphic, x-rays, photographs and the arrows are available for viewing.


The investigation continues.


Media Inquiries:

Kevin Strooband, Executive Director,

905-682-0767 ext 508


The Lincoln County Humane Society is a charitable organization which relies on donations to continue to perform its important work. The LCHS employs 2 Ontario SPCA Inspectors and 1 Agent.