Update on Scarborough Dog case: July 23, 2013




The Ontario SPCA received a call of concern for a dog allegedly abandoned on a Scarborough balcony yesterday around 4:20pm. This was the first report received regarding the dog. The Ontario SPCA dispatch informed the caller that the next available officer would respond as well as informed the caller that the police could also be contacted.


Further investigation revealed that prior to the Ontario SPCA’s involvement, the Toronto Police Services also received a call regarding the dog and had responded to the concern. A police officer had viewed the dog and it appeared to be in good condition. The Officer issued a ticket under a Toronto By-Law for an improper shelter for the animal.


The Ontario SPCA continued the investigation and it appeared that over the last day the dog had been transferred to various residents of the building. The residents do not know where the animal currently resides.

If anyone has any further information on this animal they are to contact the Ontario SPCA directly at 1-888-668-7722.