Northumberland woman convicted of animal cruelty under Ontario SPCA Act Ontariospca

Northumberland woman convicted of animal cruelty under Ontario SPCA Act

NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, ON (October 16, 2013) – On October 9, 2013, Cindy Smith-Frederick, of Campbellford, Ontario, pled guilty to permitting distress, failing to provide the standards of care and failing to comply with an order under the Ontario SPCA Act.


On July 3, 2012, a report of concern for 20 dogs came in to the Northumberland Humane Society. The dogs were allegedly living in poor conditions, were heavily matted and smelling strongly of urine.


An Ontario SPCA Agent attended the residence and 18 dogs were found in outdoor kennels. The dogs were requiring a significant amount of grooming and were standing in month’s worth of fecal matter layered three inches high. Orders were issued under the Ontario SPCA Act for the 18 dogs.


Mrs. Smith-Frederick did not comply with the orders. Nine dogs were removed and immediately taken to a veterinarian.


Many hours were spent grooming the dogs to relieve their distress. It was discovered that one of the dogs had suffered serious eye injuries from the matted fur repetitively rubbing over its eyes. Continuous medical care was required for the dogs over the following week. Surgery was required for the dog with the eye injuries. The dog had to have one eye removed due to the severity of the scarring and infection.


Mrs. Smith-Frederick was convicted and sentenced to two years probation, where she can only own or live with nine dogs for that probation period and is required to pay restitution to the Northumberland Humane Society in the total amount of $2400.00.


“If providing for an animal in your care becomes difficult, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to ensure that the animal’s health isn’t compromised,” said Larry Wilkinson, Senior Inspector. “Contact your local Ontario SPCA, humane society or veterinarian to see what options are available.”

The Ontario SPCA reminds pet owners that if you have concerns for the welfare of your animal there are alternatives other than allowing an animal to go without adequate care. Contact your local humane society or branch of the Ontario SPCA to discuss available services. To report cruelty please call 1-888-668-7722 or email your concern to



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