Injured Dog - Thorold- CAUTION: Graphic Images Ontariospca

Injured Dog - Thorold- CAUTION: Graphic Images


St. Catharines, ON (January 23, 2014)

Earlier today a Lincoln County Humane Society Officer picked up an injured dog after it was found wandering on Kay in Thorold, by a local resident. The dog, a German Shepherd, male, approximately 1 year old had obvious trauma and was immediately transported to a St. Catharines veterinarian.

At the clinic the Shepherd was very fearful and painful and was sedated by clinic staff. Closer examination revealed 22 bite wounds on the dog, including: 11 on the neck, 1 in the mouth that required a suture, 1 in the ear and 9 on the dogs back legs. The dog was cleaned and cared for by clinic staff and provided pain medication.

Upon waking up the dog, named ‘Tyson’ was calm, quiet and seeking attention from staff.

The Lincoln County Humane Society is seeking the public’s assistance in finding the owner of Tyson and any witness to determine what occurred in this attack. It is believed Tyson was attacked by 2 dogs, or possibly 2 coyotes.

While Tyson’s prognosis is good, infection may be a concern. The shelter will care for her and nurse her back to health.

Media inquiries can be made to Kevin Strooband, Executive Director, Lincoln County Humane Society. 905-682-0767 ext 508.