St. Catharines Man Convicted under the Ontario SPCA Act. Ontariospca

St. Catharines Man Convicted under the Ontario SPCA Act.


St. Catharines, ON (September 12, 2014) - At a hearing in a St. Catharines POA court room yesterday, following a June, 2014 trial, John Podwinski (30yrs) of St Catharines was convicted of causing animal to be in distress and failing to comply with the standards of care for an animal.


Podwinski was not present for the trial or the sentencing.


Stemming back to the offence date of October 14, 2010, Podwinski was found not guilty at an earlier trial in 2011 and the Crown appealed the decision.

Yesterday the Justice of the Peace found Podwinski guilty on both counts and fined him $1,000 per count, gave him 6 months in jail for each (concurrent), ordered $291 restitution to the Lincoln County Humane Society and he received a lifetime ban owning animals.


In October, 2010, Inspector Menard responded to a call for an injured dog found behind the Canadian Tire on Welland Ave. The dog was found to be in immediate distress. The dog was transported to the Niagara Veterinarian Emergency Clinic and found to be suffering from bloat, he was also severely emaciated. Due to the grave condition of the dog the attending veterinarian recommended euthanasia.


The LCHS investigation revealed that Podwinski had agreed to care for this German Shephard cross dog named ‘Oliver’ since May of 2010 to October 14, 2010 while the dog’s owner was in British Columbia.


Podwinski told the LCHS Inspector that the dog had jumped out of a third floor window one week prior to the dog being found by the LCHS. The attending veterinarian did not find injuries on the dog persistent with a dog jumping out of a third floor window.


The dogs condition suggested prolonged malnutrition and inadequate care for an extended period of time.


“This dog suffered needlessly and we are pleased with the decision of the Court to ban this individual from having an animal for the rest of his life.” said Todd Menard, the investigating LCHS Inspector.


A warrant has been issued for the arrest of John Podwinski.


Media Inquiries can be directed to Kevin Strooband, Executive Director, Lincoln County Humane Society, 905-682-0200 (press ‘7’ in voicemail if no answer).

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