Cornwall Men Charged with Animal Cruelty Under the Ontario SPCA Act Sentenced


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - CORNWALL, ON (Oct 3, 2014) – On Sept 23, 2014, Mike Seguin Sr. and Mike Seguin Jr, of Cornwall, Ontario, pled guilty to animal cruelty under the Ontario SPCA Act. 


The charges included:

• Causing an animal to be in distress

• Failing to provide the care necessary for an animal’s general welfare


On July 11, 2014, the Ontario SPCA received a call from Mr. Mike Seguin Sr. reporting that his dog had died and he wanted the dead animal picked up.


Ontario SPCA Officers arrived at the residence and were informed that they thought the six month old Mastiff puppy had had a bone caught in its throat because it was vomiting and not eating. They stated they could not afford to bring the puppy to the veterinarian. The Seguins were told by Ontario SPCA Officers that they should have called the Ontario SPCA for help and not waited until the animal had suffered and died.


It was later determined by a veterinarian that the puppy had parvovirus.


Mike Seguin Sr. and Mike Seguin Jr. plead guilty and were sentenced to 10 years prohibition from living with, caring for or owning any animals with the exception of two cats that belong to Mike Seguin Sr.’s  elderly mother who resides at the residence. The two cats must be examined by a veterinarian within the next six months and a report must be sent to the Ontario SPCA.


Mike Seguin Sr. and Mike Seguin Jr. were also given two years probation and were ordered to pay $100 each in restitution to the Ontario SPCA.


“There is no reason an animal should have to suffer without the care necessary to its general welfare,” says Steve Toy, Senior Inspector. “The Ontario SPCA is always available to assist with any concerns an animal owner may have.”


To report cruelty please call 310-SPCA or email your concern to




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