FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Catharines, ON) December 15, 2014 - Former resident of St. Catharines, Peter Anson, was charged in October of 2013 when he presented his owned cat for euthanasia to the LCHS.


Anson’s cat sustained a small wound months prior to attending the shelter and he tried unsuccessfully to provide care for the wound.

Upon his arrival to the LCHS the cat’s wound was approximately 7cm across, the owner stated that he was treating the wound himself with alcohol and polysporin.

The 14 year old domestic short-haired cat, was examined by a veterinarian prior to being euthanized at the owner’s request.

Anson pleaded guilty to failing to provide medical attention, and was sentenced to a 12-month prohibition from owning animals and a $1,000 fine, with 12 months to pay.
A second charge of permitting an animal to be in distress was withdrawn.


“This animal suffered needlessly for what began as a small wound. It is imperative that owners provide their pets with the care they require.” said Ontario SPCA Inspector, Kevin Strooband, The Lincoln County Humane Society reminds those who have an animal that requires veterinary care to provide it and to call the shelter if they have any questions.


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