Minnie – UPDATE -CAUTION: Graphic Photos Ontariospca

Minnie – UPDATE -CAUTION: Graphic Photos


Thursday, March 20, 2015 - UPDATE


The LCHS, who now owns Minnie, has placed her into foster care, she is doing well and continues gaining weight. (Her photos and video are attached.)

On March 19, 2015, an LCHS officer laid charges in this case against a 23 year old female and a 26 year old male, both residents of St. Catharines.


The charges under the Ontario SPCA Act, laid against each person, are as follows:


  • Count 1: Permitting an animal to be in distress
  • Count 2: Causing an animal to be in distress
  • Count 3: Failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention
  • Count 4: Failing to provide adequate and appropriate food


Both people are scheduled to appear in St. Catharines Provincial Offences Court, at 71 King Street on May 19, 2015.


In line with Ontario SPCA policy surrounding cruelty charges the names of the accused persons will not be released until a conviction is registered.


The LCHS reminds you to call your local SPCA if your pet requires care you cannot provide.


If you know of someone not properly providing for their animal please call 310-7722 to report it.


The charges have not been proven in court.


(Pictured is Dr. Hutchison of Huntington Animal Hospital examining Minnie.)


Media inquiries may be directed to Kevin Strooband, Executive Director, Lincoln County Humane Society, 905-682-0200.






Monday, March 9, 2015


Many of you have been asking for an update on Minnie, the French Mastiff in our care. Minnie is doing well and improving daily.


She is under the care of LCHS staff and a Veterinary team. Today she went into foster care.


Minnie's PUPPIES:

LCHS Officers (Ontario SPCA Officers) attended and have examined the 5 weaned puppies and found them to be healthy and in good physical shape.


Under the Ontario SPCA Act the LCHS has no authority to remove an animal that is not in distress and as a law enforcement agency, the LCHS must operate within the confines of the law.


We truly appreciate the concerns of many people who care about animals and assure you that we will continue to protect animals within Lincoln County.



(St. Catharines, ON) March 5, 2015


Due to an almost immediate response from social media and over 25 tips received by the LCHS the owner of the French Mastiff cross-breed has been identified.


The dog, known now as “Minnie”, has been surrendered to the LCHS and staff will be working diligently to bring her back to full health.


The investigation into Minnie’s case continues.






MEDIA RELEASE (WARNING - Graphic photos)



(St. Catharines, ON) March 5, 2015


The Lincoln County Humane Society is seeking the public’s assistance in finding the owner of an emaciated dog, found late Wednesday evening in north St. Catharines.


Reported as a stray near Niagara Street and Scott Street, the LCHS has started an investigation to determine who the owner of the female, French Mastiff cross-breed dog is and what caused her to become thin. Working with a local veterinarian blood tests are being currently being conducted to learn more information about the dog’s health.


“We provided her with immediate medical attention last night and this morning her prognosis is positive” said Kevin Strooband, Executive Director, Lincoln County Humane Society. “She is a very friendly dog and we hope to learn more about her past, in the coming days” he continued.




The dog, named “Valerie” by LCHS staff, recently nursed puppies and may have lived in the area of Old Pine Trail. Anyone with information is asked to call the LCHS at 905-682-0767 ext. 236 or ext. 508. All calls are confidential.


Media inquiries may be directed to Kevin Strooband, 905-682-0767 ext 508.