FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Brockville, ON (July 16, 2015)- On June 16, 2015 an Ontario SPCA officer was notified by the City of Brockville that the remains of half an adult black cat were found in Centeen Park on Water Street. Both the Ontario SPCA and Brockville police responded.


The remains of the cat were reported by Park employees to be found approximately 20 feet from the road. The Ontario SPCA sent the remains off for a necropsy and a radiograph to be performed.
The dissection found multiple bone chips, tracheal laceration, left occipital bone chip fracture, left temporal muscle tearing and hemorrhage, neck skeletal muscle tearing and hemorrhage, multiple multifocal rib fractures, and multifocal gastric ulcers. The cause of death was determined as being from trauma, the cat being cut in half and the ribs being broken was deemed to have been done post mortem. There were no puncture wounds on the remains so the idea of an animal attack was ruled out.

”Anyone that may have information on this cat and how it got into the state it was found in, is encouraged to contact the Ontario SPCA by calling 310-SPCA. All calls will remain anonymous,” says Senior Inspector Steve Toy, Ontario SPCA.

To report cruelty please call 310-SPCA or email your concern to


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