Join our Monthly Operation Pet Rescue


By making monthly contributions you join a group of committed animal lovers who help the Ontario SPCA respond quickly and effectively to animals in need of immediate protection and care.

In an average year, the Ontario SPCA:

  • Finds new homes for over 4500 cats, over 2100 Dogs, and over 750 other small animals
  • Investigates over 15,000 reports of animal cruelty.
  • Lays more than 210 Provincial and 70 Criminal charges.
  • Cares for over 2,400 animals as a result of an investigation, each year.

*stats are estimated on average, based on the 2010, 2011 and 2012 annual report statistical information.

Rehabilitating rescued animals often requires months of veterinary care, special medication and food and socialization - making large demands on the Ontario SPCA's limited resources. Operation Pet Rescue members help us fund important programs like Animal Care & Protection and Rescue & Relief - enabling us to respond quickly and effectively to these animals' needs.

Additional benefits of monthly giving include :

  • Annual Ontario SPCA Calendar;
  • Access to exclusive ecards and online programs;
  • Helping the Ontario SPCA to plan more effectively because it gives us a source of dependable income;
  • Easy monthly deductions with less administrative costs attached;
  • One convenient annual receipt, which means less waste, and simplified record keeping;
  • A simple yearly reminder that reduces unnecessary mailings.

Thank you for helping ensure the Ontario SPCA can respond, each and every day, to animals in need of our protection and care. For more information about Operation Pet Rescue or to join by by phone, please contact us at 1-888-ONT-SPCA (668-7722) ext. 321.

Thank you for considering making this special commitment.