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AnimalSmart™ & Truth and Reconciliation



AnimalSmart™ & Truth and Reconciliation

The understanding of the world as an interconnected and interdependent living network is something that both Indigenous cultures and humane education share. But it’s important to note that humane education is quite young compared to the long, rich history of Traditional Indigenous Knowledge which spans thousands of years.

As a program of the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, the AnimalSmart™ Humane Education Program is committed to Truth and Reconciliation. AnimalSmart™ recognizes the important role of education in the reconciliation process and seeks to be an ally in actively addressing the Calls to Action around Education for Reconciliation (Calls 62-65). The AnimalSmart™ team is currently working alongside Indigenous consultants to develop lesson plans which embed Traditional Ways of Knowing and Being, celebrate Indigenous brilliance and explore modern and traditional culture.

The 2021 AnimalSmart™ Day: Respect, Connect and Engage Through Humane Education is another extension of this intention and we are honoured to be joined by a number of inspirational Indigenous speakers. Our hope is that educators will gain a deeper understanding of, both, Indigenous Perspectives and how to bring Indigenous learning into the classroom in a way that is both respectful and authentic.

In 2021, Canada marked September 30th as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, which also coincides with Orange Shirt Day. On this day we encourage you to show your support by wearing orange and by learning more about Truth and Reconciliation.

Below are a few resources to get you started: