AnimalSmart™ Day and Humane Education resources

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Return to School: AnimalSmart™ Day and Humane Education resources for educators

A new school year has begun! And with it, new opportunities for learning and building connections. Today on our blog, we’re sharing humane education resources for educators!

Whether it’s in class or online; educators, staff and parents are helping students transition back into the school environment with health, both physical and psychological, as a top priority for schools and classrooms of all kinds. To support student wellness, it will be more important than ever for educators and parents to help children rebuild a sense of connection with one another and the world around them. 

This is where humane education can play an important role in student well-being and learning. Connection is at the core of humane education. This includes not only connection to one another and our communities, but also to animals and the planet we all share. Humane education helps children to understand their place in the world and to problem solve with compassion to create meaningful change for people, animals and the environment.  

AnimalSmart™ Humane Education Program

While the past couple of years have been a challenge, this time has also created space to consider how we relate to ourselves, other people, animals and the environment. The AnimalSmart™ humane education program is ready to support educators to build connected, kind and empathetic learning environments. Our program offers online, free learning resources and opportunities for professional development to inspire educators of all kinds! 

Learning Resources:

Visit to check out our comprehensive and curriculum-linked lesson plans for students in Grades 1-3. You’ll also find video lessons, character development videos and fun activities, all of which are developed to foster respect, empathy, and a sense of connection to people, animals and the living network we all call home. All of these resources can be used online and in class. 

Now is the perfect time to bring humane education into the learning environment to help students understand how to relate to animals and the environment, and to each other from a place of respect, kindness and belonging. As children grow into positions of leadership and responsibility, we want them to arrive with an understanding of their relationship to the natural world and their place in it, and feel prepared and empowered to take action that considers the priorities of all living things. AnimalSmart™ can help us get there. 

Thank you for being a friend to animals and to each other. When we take the time to understand and connect with one another, we are creating a better world for all.

The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society’s AnimalSmart™ humane education program promotes a sense of responsibility and inspires connection with animals, the environment and one another. 

All resources can be viewed or downloaded for free by going to