AnimalSmart™ primary: If animals could talk, what would they say?

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Have you ever been asked how you know what animals are feeling?

This week, for our second AnimalSmart™ lesson, we invite you and your kids to explore feelings with us – their feelings, your feelings, your animal’s feelings – all the feelings!

Join along in our latest video, where we discuss and answer some important questions:

  • If animals can’t talk, how can we know what they’re feeling?
  • How do different animals show their feelings?
Lesson details:

This week’s AnimalSmart video lesson includes learning related to Language, Science and Math in Strand 2, Lesson 1 of the AnimalSmart Primary Manual. You can find the detailed links to curriculum expectations and the full AnimalSmart manual at Watch Strand 1 Lesson 1, here.

Share how to #beanimalsmart with us!

Do your kids like to draw, paint or write stories?

Maybe they would like to create a story or play from an animal’s point of view? Or draw a picture about their companion animal’s feelings? We’d love to see what they create this week! Share on your social media using the hashtag #beanimalsmart and explore what others families are sharing by following the hashtag.


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