Fall Safety Tips: with Jeff Moore

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The fall season is now in full swing! It’s important to know how to protect your pets through this time of changing seasons. We’re here to help. Watch our fall safety tips for you and your pet, featuring guest Jeff Moore!

Fall Tips

  1. fall
    Photo by Takashi Hososhima.

    The fall weather means it’s darker outside, so make sure both you and your pet are clearly marked.

  2. Because there’s heavier rainfall this time of year, creeks and streams are at higher levels, so you need to be careful when walking your pet close to these areas.
  3. When going for walks outside, be mindful of your surroundings. Toxic mushrooms, and dangerous snakes are among some of the unpleasant things your pet might find.
  4. If you do find your pet has ingested a toxic mushroom, bring them immediately to your local veterinarian for care.
  5. Don’t leave school supplies lying around! If ingested, this could be very damaging for your pet.

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