Houston Dog Rescue – Redemption Paws & the Ontario SPCA

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The Ontario SPCA has been pleased to support Redemption Paws in their rescue efforts to save dogs from Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The dogs are owned, and will be fostered and adopted, by Redemption Paws. The Ontario SPCA provided rescue and relief services to support Redemption Paws volunteers. Initially, the Ontario SPCA and its Communities assisted with:
  • Border crossing into Canada,
  • Placement of dogs in sites for immediate care.
Next, the Ontario SPCA and its Communities provided the following services for each dog:
  • Advanced in-take exam‎ and assessment,
  • Check for microchip,
  • Review of municipal records from the point of origin,
  • Sheltering and daily care including enrichment,
  • Vaccines for parvo and distemper,
  • Treatment for kennel cough,
  • Treatment for fleas and ticks,
  • Treatment for intestinal parasites,
  • Testing for heartworm and, as appropriate, initial treatments and
  • A spay/neuter procedure for each animal that was a qualified candidate for surgery.
A report on the status of each dog was discussed with the owners along with recommendations required ongoing care. As with most any animal being rescued from a dire situation, many of the dogs require more extensive and/or longer term care. Redemption Paws is appealing to donors to assist with the costs of continued veterinary care. The Ontario SPCA was pleased to provide emergency care and treatment to the Houston dogs and to the volunteers of Redemption Paws to assist in their rescue efforts.
As an animal lover all the work you do

As an animal lover all the work you do to help ensure that every dog and cat can find their forever home that is filled with love is greatly appreciated.