What’s involved with adopting a kitten from the Ontario SPCA?

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Who doesn’t swoon at the sight of a tiny kitten video? Maybe you’ve been thinking about adopting and now the time is right to welcome a new addition into your home. Before you take a trip to your local Ontario SPCA and Humane Society animal centre, there are a few things you need to know.

This post will help point you to the right resources and navigate the steps to take before adopting a kitten!

1. Do your research

Kittens are irresistible to just about everyone, but careful consideration is crucial before adopting. Cats are wonderful companions, but they require a long-term commitment from you to provide for all of their needs and the decision to adopt should never be an impulsive one.

Before adopting, ask yourself: am I prepared to commit to caring for a cat for the next 15 to 20 years? This will include providing food, litter and ongoing veterinary care, including vaccinations, possible surgeries and dental care. Don’t forget the ongoing costs of supplies, and daily love, care and attention you will need to provide. Read more about this in our blog post: Adopting a Shelter Cat – What You Need to Know.

2. Take our survey

You could be gazing at the kitten of your dreams, but you just can’t tell what she’s thinking behind that little furry face. What if you knew a little something about her personality and habits before you moved in together? Though we don’t classify kittens within our Meet Your Match colours before 9 months old, our Meet Your Match survey can still give you valuable information on the type of cat you would like to have! You can take the survey in person or online before visiting our animal centres.

The main objective behind Meet Your Match® Feline-ality™ is to facilitate the adoption process as much as possible. The survey encourages discussions that are helpful to the adoptive owner and ultimately to the pet they choose to take home.

3. Browse kittens available for adoption

Once you finish our Meet Your Match survey, you will be given a colour based on your preferences and lifestyle. You can then view kitties online or at your local Ontario SPCA animal centre that are available for adoption. You don’t always have to go with the personality colour that the survey indicates would be your best match, but at least you’ll know who you jive with!

So before you stop by your local Ontario SPCA animal centre, view all the pets available for adoption online and see which one might be a good fit for you.

4. Preparation is key

If you are a first-time kitty owner, you will probably need to pick up some supplies to help your kitten feel comfortable and thrive in their new home. This may include: kitten food, quality kitty litter, bedding, identification, grooming tools and toys for your new fur baby. To make the transition less overwhelming, we’ve rounded up everything you will need in our Cat Checklist blog post.

5. Plan your visit

Once you’ve decided you’re pet ready, drop by your local Ontario SPCA for a visit. Our trained and experienced counselors will guide you through the adoption process, including walking you through the first few days with your new pet and as well as those that follow. Remember that it may take your new furry friend a little while to feel comfortable in their new home. Be patient and allow the cat to explore their new environment.

Ontario SPCA adoption staff members are also available for follow up questions after taking your new pet home. For more information on adoption, contact your local animal centre.