Dog Walking

Dog walking is a very important part of the work that we do at the shelter. It not only provides socialization for the dogs but also offers an opportunity to teach basic obedience skills, and gives them some much-needed exercise. This enhances adoptability and assists in keeping the dog healthy and happy while in our care.

Working in the Animal Welfare field we are committed to the most humane application of behavioural science available. Positive reinforcement training concepts celebrate and foster the human-animal bond, and will help you work with the shelter dogs while maintaining trust, and strengthening their relationship with people. For more information on reward-based training see Training and Behaviour Modification.

Ensure you have a walking kit available which should include the following:
  • Treat bags/pouch to hold the dog treats that will be used to reinforce good behaviour
  • Treats can be small pieces of biscuits, kibble, hot dogs (chicken wieners), carrots, cheese or freeze-dried liver for example
  • Clicker a small noisemaker that one clicks when you notice a positive behaviour. It serves as an auditory cue that a treat or praise is coming. The concept is to click first and then treat immediately following the click
  • Carabineer clips to secure the dog on route if needed
  • A communication device like a cell phone, walkie-talkie, or whistle to summon assistance

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