Using the Five Senses to Assess the Facility

five senses image

cat in cageHave a walkthrough!
  • Assess the facility – look through the animals’ eyes.
  • Note what the animal sees, hears, smells and feels (tactile) while in that kennel
  • Look at the environmental factors in each kennel space
  • Look for stressors and triggers that affect behaviour
  • Assessments need to take place to cover all periods of the day ie. morning, evening, weekend
  • Map out your facility to chart areas as low, medium, high stress

Now you are better equipped to identify and address individual animal behavioural needs. Of course, you can’t change everything all at once, but sometimes even a minor change can make a big difference for the animal.

For example, compare the housing for the two dogs pictured below. What minor change could you make for the beagle to make him more comfortable like the blonde dog in the photo on the right?

dog in cage vs dog out of cage

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