Intake Protocol

The Ontario SPCA employs best practices as outlined in our Intake Policy and Intake Protocol.

Intake Exam:

Every animal on Admission must have an intake examination (performed to the best of your ability keeping personal safety in mind at all times) as per the Intake Exam Form.

Proper PPE:

Disposable gloves, disposable gown and impermeable shoe covers must be worn while performing all intake exams

– For instructions on the use of the Woods Lamp, see the Woods Lamp Protocol sheet.

– Each animal must be scanned for a microchip a minimum of three times. This is done as part of the intake exam on each and every animal.


Vaccination must be completed immediately upon intake. For vaccine preparation, follow the product monograph. Vaccines should be warmed by rubbing gently in hands. Sterile diluent may be stored at room temperature.

The Core Vaccines Include:

DOGS – DA2PP (distemper, adenovirus (hepatitis), parainfluenza, parvovirus) and Bordetella. Vaccine injection sites are located subcutaneously off the mid-line either in front of the hip area or over the scruff of the neck. Rabies is given on the right and the DA2PP combination on the left.

CATS – FVRCP (herpes virus, calici virus and parainfluenza). Vaccine injection sites are located subcutaneously as far down the appropriate limb as possible. Rabies is given in the right hind leg. The FVRCP is given in the right front leg. (FIV/FeLV if administered, is given in the left hind leg.)

Parasite Control:

The following are the parasite control products that the Ontario SPCA employs:

Strongid-T®: using Strongid-T and Marquis Paste® Dosage chart (Cat and Dog), give one dose prophylactically on intake. Repeat in 14 days for mature animals if still in the animal centre.  Puppies and kittens are given a dose every 14 days until 18 weeks of age, while in the animal centre or foster care.  Can be given as early as 2 – 3 weeks of age.

Marquis® paste: the first dose is given prophylactically at intake. The second dose is given prophylactically in 2 weeks time. Can be given as early as 2 – 3 weeks of age. For more information on Marquis® Paste, see details and dosing chart (Cat and Dog)

Revolution®: Revolution® is applied once at intake in cats only. Revolution® may be repeated every 21 – 28 days as needed. See Revolution Use and Dosing Chart. Revolution® should be stored in a locked cabinet.

NexGard®: NexGard® is effective for flea and tick control and is used only in dogs. NexGard® is to be given once at Intake and repeated once per month. It is given orally with or without food. For details and dosing, see Nexgard® Information Sheet.

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