light bulb iconMicrochip Implant Procedure

Click here for Microchip Implanting Procedure training video

  • Always have two people and use proper animal restraint to administer the microchip safely.
  • Scan the microchip to ensure that it is active. Ensure that the microchip number matches that of the stickers and tags.
  • Attach the microchip/needle combination onto the microchip gun provided.
  • Remove the protective cover from the needle.
  • Gently grasp and lift a fold of skin between the shoulder blades to expose the subcutaneous space.
  • Insert the needle quickly into the skin. Inject the microchip into the subcutaneous space. Rotate the needle 90 degrees before withdrawing.
  • Remove the needle and observe for blood or a misplaced microchip.
  • Dispose of the needle into the sharps container.
  • Scan the animal to ensure the microchip is accurately registering and placed appropriately.

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