Microchip Scanning Procedure

Three Mandatory Scannings must be Performed on each Animal:

  • At the Intake Exam
  • On Day two
  • At the time of adoption/reclaim/foster/transfer or euthanasia

Microchip Scanning Procedure:
  • A universal scanner must be used.
  • The scanner should be held parallel to the animal.
  • The scanner should be held in contact with the animal – either lightly touching the animal or less than an inch away from the animal.
  • The animal should not be scanned any faster than 15 cm per second. Going SLOW is key!
  • The standard implant site is between the shoulder blades, therefore scanning should start directly over this area. If no microchip is detected, you should scan down the back and sides, including the neck and shoulders all the way down to the elbows in front and all the way down the hindquarters in the rear.
  • See the following link for diagrams of alternate scanning techniques.

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