Microchipping Guideline
  • Microchips should be inserted into animals before they are placed up for adoption. This may be done at the time of spay/neuter surgery. For more information on how to microchip an animal, refer to Microchip Implanting Procedure
  • Each animal should be properly scanned as part of the arrivals process and definitely BEFORE inserting a microchip.
  • If the animal was brought in by field staff, the field individual should initially scan for a chip.
  • Record any information regarding the presence or absence of a chip on the animal’s cage card or intake exam sheet and also enter it into their PetPoint record.
  • If a chip is found then appropriate steps should be followed to determine the animal’s identification and ownership.

Three Mandatory Scannings must be Performed on each Animal:
  • At the Intake Exam
  • On Day Two
  • At the time of adoption/reclaim/foster/transfer or euthanasia

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