Personal Protective Equipment

light bulb iconThis Section Will Help you Fulfill the Five Freedoms by Preventing Disease Incidence and its Associated Pain, Discomfort and Distress.

Why is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary?
  • PPE use is designed to reduce the risk to employees from possible hazards including the contamination of personal clothing, exposure of skin and mucous membranes, and the transmission of pathogens between animals by employees.
  • Some form of PPE must be worn in all situations, including any contact with animals and their environment. These recommendations must always be tempered by professional judgment, while still bearing in mind the basic principles of infectious disease control, as every situation is unique in terms of the specific shelter, animal, employees, procedures and suspected infectious disease.

light bulb icon stop sign icon skull iconPut on appropriate PPE for the area in which you are working. For Intake room, Observation rooms (a.k.a. Stray hold room, Infection Control Room, Impound), Quarantine and Isolation areas this will include disposable gloves, disposable gown, and protective footwear (e.g. impermeable shoe covers). Goggles and hair protection must be worn for some specific cleaning activities.

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