• Closed-toe footwear must be worn at all times to reduce the risk of injury and protect feet from infectious substances.
  • Impermeable shoe covers, or designated footwear (such as rubber boots), are required in areas where infectious materials are expected to be present, in order to prevent their spread to other areas.
  • Such footwear must be removed as the person leaves the contaminated area, and should be immediately disposed of in the garbage (if disposable), or left at the entrance of the contaminated area on the “dirty” side.
  • Shoes are to be left at the Centre and are not to be worn in public.

To remove impermeable shoe covers:
  1. Lift one foot and slide fingers of ungloved hand into inside portion of impermeable shoe cover
  2. To remove, pull elasticized cuff down & away from ankle area and peel impermeable shoe cover off of foot
  3. Step with that foot only over the threshold of the door and set that foot down on floor outside of room
  4. Discard used impermeable shoe cover into garbage receptacle
  5. Repeat process with second impermeable shoe cover on other foot
  6. Perform hand hygiene

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