• Disposable gowns provide more protective coverage than lab coats. They play a crucial role in preventing contamination throughout the Centre and providing protection for both animals and staff.
  • They are typically used for handling animals of unknown status or those with suspected or confirmed infectious diseases. (ie. during an intake exam, animals housed in observation room or isolation room).
  • Disposable gowns are also used during the cleaning and disinfection process of intake, observation and isolation rooms. They do not have to be changed between each animal; however, if the gown has come in contact with the animal during the cleaning and disinfecting process, it can be lightly over sprayed with disinfectant (Prevail™, Peroxigard™Plus, Virkon®)
  • Disposable gowns must be removed promptly before exiting the room and disposed of in a garbage receptacle located beside the door.
  • They are not to be reused
  • Disposable gowns should be changed immediately whenever they become visibly soiled, contaminated with body fluids, or torn/damaged.
To Remove a Disposable Gown:
  1. Remove gloves first
  2. Unfasten ties located at the back of the gown- neck and waist
  3. Pull away from your body, remembering to touch the inside of the gown only
  4. Turn gown inside out
  5. Roll/fold into a manageable size and discard into garbage receptacle

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