Parasite & Pest Control
Internal and external parasites contribute to a state of general ill health and increase susceptibility to infectious conditions. In addition, internal and external parasites may be directly infectious to humans or may serve as vectors to spread disease. Parasite control increases the animal’s comfort and adaptability, as well as protecting human health.

All incoming animals must be prophylactically treated with an age and species appropriate product that is effective against:

  • Internal parasites (roundworms and hookworms)
  • External parasites (fleas and ticks)
  • Refer to Intake Protocol for the products the Ontario SPCA employs in regards to parasite control.
  • Environmental treatment of group housing and common areas of the centre as needed for flea control.
  • Rodent control must be practiced, as rodents can spread zoonotic and non-zoonotic diseases. For humane rodent control solution, click here.
  • Food should be stored in sealed containers and not left in runs overnight where rodents are a problem. Further rodent and insect control measures should be undertaken as needed.

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