If you only have a minute to spare, but still want to make a difference, consider these options to get involved and support your community: 

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our messages with your family and friends 
  • If you’re able to, consider providing support for the animals in our care with a donation 
  • Sign up for our newsletter, to receive updates on what is happening in your community. 

If you want support animals but not sure where to start, why not make a difference everyday in your global community, by trying these simple but impactful steps: 

  • Consider donating what you no longer need- donate gently used pet supplies, dog bowls, coats, collars to organizations who help service vulnerable groups in your area. 
  • Waste less food –donate pet food to our feral cat food bank, your local food pantry 
  • Waste less water – use old water in pets bowls or fish tanks to water outdoor plants 
  • Recycle paper and plastics- help wildlife by eliminating plastic waste as much as possible  
  • Save electricity -Turn off lights when you are not home, animals rely on natural light and darkness for their internal schedules and don’t need artificial light. 
  • Turn off the tube- Leaving televisions and radios on when you’re not home will only confuse your pet and prevent it from sleeping.  


Speaking for the ones who can’t speak for themselves

Keep up the good work speaking for the ones who can’t speak for themselves. A society who cares for their animals is a better society.  Thanks for your good work!