Ontario SPCA – PEAC Wish List:

The holidays are a great time to think about giving back to animals in need. We could not help as many animals as we do without community support. Please consider donating the following items to our local adoption Centre:

  1. Gift Cards – Gift cards are also a great way to help the animals, allowing us to purchase supplies as the need arises.
    1. gas stations – helps fuel our shelter vehicle to transport animals to and from veterinary appointments
    2. grocery stores – helps us purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for small animals, and high value treats such as peanut butter and tuna for cats and dogs
    3. Pet Smart, Home Depot, Walmart – for adoption Centre supplies and pet needs
  2. Baby Scales – to weigh cats and small animals during intake exams
  3. Automatic Bubble Machines – supports visual and tactile stimulation for enrichment
  4. Through a Dog/Cat’s ear Cd’s – provides auditory stimulation for animals
  5. Slow Feeders and/or Puzzle Feeders (Various sizes) – turns mealtime into a fun activity!
  6. Kong Wobblers – turns mealtime into a fun activity!
  7. Large huts/igloos for small animals – provides a hiding space for small animals
  8. Cat treats
  9. Feliway and Adaptil Sprays and/or Diffusers – helps calm animals and prevents signs of stress
  10. CD Players – provides auditory stimulation for animals
  11. Martingale Collars
  12. Spray Can Cheese – used to treat the dogs during training or health exams
  13. Cat Wands – provides hours of enrichment!
  14. Pill Pockets (for cats)
  15. Rectal Thermometer
  16. Yesterday’s News Litter –  non-toxic litter for after surgery
  17. Cat Scratching Posts (1-2 ft. tall) – allowing cats to express their natural instincts
  18. Bird Cage Mirror
  19. Cat Nip
  20. Cat Beds
  21. Plastic Cat Carriers
  22. XL Wire Dog Crates

Thank you for your support!

Event Information

Date: November 21, 2019 December 31, 2019 06:00 12:00
Location: Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre