Horse Adoption

The following horses are available for adoption:



Renegade is an approximately 12-13-year-old Quarter Horse-type grade mare who is now looking for that special place to call home! She stands 15 hh and is a solid bay. She has lovely ground manners and is very social with humans. She lunges, crossties and trailers well. She gets along well in a mixed herd and is an easy keeper.

Renegade is a now working nicely under saddle and is a very willing and sensible partner. She stands well for mounting and will do a good whoa, walk, jog and backup. She is also doing well navigating some trail obstacles and hacks out well. Renegade is still quite green at the lope/canter and needs more work on her transitions and pace .Renegade is currently being schooled Western but could certainly transition to English.

Renegade is up-to-date on vaccinations, worming and dental. She has been sound and healthy to date. She has received some chiropractic care to treat mild TMJ and now has normal movement in her jaw. Her veterinarian feels this condition has been successfully resolved, but she may require an occasional adjustment. She is currently on good quality hay and pasture with supplement.

Renegade is a super mare who should make an excellent pleasure/trail partner for an intermediate or above rider. She is not currently suitable for a beginner rider but could be with more miles.

For more information please contact  705-645-6225 or email



Beau is a five-year-old bay Thoroughbred gelding and stands around 16.1 hands. He is up-to-date on vaccines, dental and worming.

This handsome lad has a lot to offer to the right home. He is very social and loves his people; he also gets along well in a mixed herd and tends to be at the bottom of the pecking order.

Beau tries hard, although he is young and inexperienced. He is not overly spooky or difficult to work with and he is curious about new things. He may have been track trained at some point, but since we do not know his completer history we are starting from scratch with his training.

We have just started him on the lunge and he is enjoying learning the basics. At this time we are focusing on building his confidence and improving his fitness level.  He would benefit from an experienced owner/handler as he is a big, energetic boy who is prone to some” baby moments.”

Beau is sound and healthy and ready to head down a new path. He has a lot of potential and, with his willing attitude and engaging personality,  should be a great fit for any discipline.

For more information please contact 705-645-6225 or email


Jack is a sorrel Percheron/Quarter Horse gelding and is approximately 15 years old.  He stands about 14.3 hands, but is very stocky and takes up a lot of leg.

Jack is well mannered and easy to handle on the ground. He gets along well in a mixed herd and is at the middle of the pecking order. He is a very easy keeper and prefers to live outdoors with access to a run-in shelter instead of coming into a stall at night.

Jack is very responsive and responds best to light aids, with soft hand and leg. He is a forward-moving horse, but is also calm and sensible. He is just starting back into work so is a bit rusty, but has demonstrated that he is a willing and happy partner!

Jack is up-to-date on vaccinations and dental care. He is sound and healthy and looking for a new pasture to call home.  We feel Jack would make a super pleasure/trail partner for someone who wants a fun, energetic equine pal.

For more information please contact  705-645-6225 or email