Changing Lives Starts with You! 

It is time for all hands-on deck! Join our life-changing teams and make a positive impact in the lives of animals and their families in your community. There are many ways to make a positive impact at the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society — click on your area or department in the sidebar to view available opportunities!
* The minimum age to volunteer is 15

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I am 15 years old, can I volunteer with the animals? 

Yes! For the health and safety of our community members and animals we ask that all of our volunteers are a minimum of 15 years old.  

 We need to be able to communicate directly with all of our individual volunteers. Individuals must be able to personally manage all correspondence as it relates to volunteering. 

 To serve successfully in their chosen role, individuals need to be comfortable independently completing all steps of the volunteer experience process: 

  • Completing the application online, scheduling and attending a one-on-one phone meeting. 
  • Scheduling and completing the required orientation and training sessions. 
  • Handling all individual phone and email correspondence personally.
  • Following safety protocols and procedures. 
  • Manage individual volunteer profile/account by logging hours, using a schedule, updating personal info etc.
What is your volunteer process? 

Candidates are asked to complete an online application found on our webpage. 

If selected, the candidate is asked to attend a get to know you phone meeting- either through video conferencing or the telephone. 

Successful candidates are asked to:

  • Submit any required waivers and sign off on policies 
  • Complete any basic training appropriate for their role
  • Submit driver license information for drivers abstract -if driving our vehicles
  • Complete placement training
  • Follow safety protocols and procedures
  • Manage their own individual volunteer schedule and track hours using our online platform. 
What requirements do I need to become a volunteer? 

We ask volunteers to:

  • Be a minimum age of 15 years old
  • Complete an online application linked on our website.
  • Complete all health and safety training, and sign required waivers
  • If driving, provide a valid Ontario driver’s license & a clear drivers abstract if applicable to the role.
  •  Follow health and safety protocols and procedures at all times.
  • Complete placement training provided for your role
  • Log hours, track and manage your schedule through our online scheduling system.
  • Handle all individual volunteer phone and email correspondence personally.  
What are the steps to foster an animal? 

Please visit our foster page for details on how to foster an animal. 

What is the time commitment to volunteer? 

We are looking for consistency within our teams and volunteers who can support the animals in our care. The majority of our volunteer assignments ask for a once-a-week commitment typically between 2-4 hours long, but a minimum of once every other week. Should you require an opportunity with less coverage, talk to our team during your one-on-one interview to determine the best fit! 

What if I can’t join your team, but I still want to help? 

Check out our make an impact globally tab for ideas and tips on how you can improve animals’ lives and their families in your community and across the globe. 

What is involved in being an animal driver? 

Volunteer drivers follow the same process as our general volunteers, if drivers are using our fleet vehicles, you will need to submit a drivers abstract. Please note, drivers’ abstracts must be clear in order to drive our vehicle. Mileage reimbursements are not available at this time 

Do you have a program for students? 

We are working on a student program, designed for grades 9-12 students (minimum age to volunteer is 15). Please visit our website often for announcements and information. In the meantime, check out our make an impact globally tab for ways to help today! 

How can my group get involved?  

Please contact your closest animal centre for details on how to get your group involved. 

Do you have any virtual opportunities? 

We are working on virtual volunteer opportunities, please visit our website often for announcements and updates.  In the meantime, please check out our make an impact globally tab, for tips and actions you can take today to help animals and their families.  

I don’t have a computer; can’t I just complete a paper form? 

We ask that all volunteers have online access and a current email address, so we can communicate with applicants. Our web-based database is a self-scheduling system which you will use to manage your schedule and record hours contributed off-site. This will help to save the organization money on postage, printing costs, and helps to keep our program viable and efficient.