Exciting News about AnimalSmart™!

We are booking in-person and virtual presentations for students.

In 2018, the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society launched the first edition of our humane education program called AnimalSmart™. This learning resource consisted of a series of lessons developed to foster empathy, promote a sense of responsibility and inspire connection with animals and the environment. The lessons also promote mutual respect among learners and encourage collaboration with their classmates and family and participation in their local and global community.

Each presentation includes humane education information, student/child-driven activities, and resources required to extend the presentation or add further presentations that build upon humane education messaging.

To meet the goal of maximizing the reach of the AnimalSmart™ program, presentations are offered free of charge to schools and community groups in our animal centre regions. For the most impact, presentations are best delivered in person but virtual presentations can be arranged.

AnimalSmart™ presentations are accessible to a wide range of educators as a powerful tool that integrates humane education to engage and empower the next generation of community and global leaders, focused on the well-being of animals.


“Felix needs a home” | Primary Level (Grades 1-3)

little girl holding yellow birdContent: By engaging the younger students/children with activities and stories they will learn about caring for and understanding an animal’s well-being. From brushing their teeth to being kind to animals, the class will learn about empathy towards animals and how important it is to keep them happy and healthy. This messaging will also transfer to the same values that are essential in their everyday lives.

What will the class expect?
1. Fun-filled activities
2. Teachable moments through important themes
3. Extended school projects for the students to participate in and share with the Ontario SPCA

Subjects covered:
English, Reading, Writing

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“Fido needs a home” | Junior Level (Grades 4-6)

kids writing in schoolContent: Students will gain more insight on caring for companion animals by looking at different types of animals and the everyday needs that will make them happy and healthy. Through peer-to-peer sharing, the children will discuss some animal-focused scenarios and share some solutions.

What will the class expect?
1. Engaging and student-led activities
2. Teachable moments by examining important animal-related themes
3. Extended school projects for the students to design and share with the Ontario SPCA

Subjects covered:
Reading, Writing, Math

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“How can we make a difference in animals’ lives?” | Intermediate Level (Grades 7-8)

Content: Students will be examining and discussing how to positively change the lives of animals in need, as well as promote animal well-being by becoming active members of their community.

What will the class expect?
1. Thought-provoking activities
2. Peer to Peer learning and collaboration
3. Extended school projects for the students to design and share with the Ontario SPCA

Subjects covered:
Literacy, Social Studies

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Resources for Parents and Teachers

The AnimalSmart™ Primary Lesson Plan manual, developed in partnership with educators, is a learning resource geared towards teachers, community group leaders, and parents of children in Grades-1-3. Each lesson includes supporting online resources, and connections to the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum expectations, which will enable an educator to deliver engaging lessons.

download Full AnimalSmart™ Primary Lesson Plans

Several participation-focused Video Lessons have been created to support independent and group learning in the classroom or with family and friends. Learners join AnimalSmart™ spokes-kid, Emerson, and spokes-dog, Buddy, along with some of their friends, in an uplifting exploration of feelings, empathy, and safety. These online resources also delve into what animals need to have a good life. These engaging videos inspire learners to live compassionately and to consider the needs and the well-being of animals and our shared environments.

In the Character Development Series, students explore traits like empathy, respect, honesty, compassion, and responsibility as they consider the interconnectedness of the living world. These learners also explore what can be done as the next generation of community and global leaders to affect their world positively.

AnimalSmart™ Primary Videos and Lesson Plans

Lesson: Choose with Care Lesson: Exploring Feelings
Lesson: Depend on Me Lesson: Be Prepared
Circles of Compassion Character Development – Respect
Character Development – Empathy Character Development – Responsibility
Character Development: Honesty & Integrity