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To contact your Member of Provincial Parliament, please see the current list of MPPs. 

To contact your Member of Parliament, please see the current list of MPs. 

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Another step forward – Stronger laws will help protect dogs kept outdoors  

Did you hear the news?! The future for animals just got a bit brighter thanks to changes to animal welfare legislation that you helped make possible! 

Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act O. Reg 444/19 was updated in April 2022. This is the provincial legislation that addresses all dogs being kept outdoors, including working dogs and livestock guardians. The Ontario SPCA was invited to share input on these updates, and many of our recommendations were accepted. 

Bolstered by our animal advocacy champions who stand behind us, the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society was invited to share input on these updates. We are pleased to tell you that many of our recommendations were accepted in this update to the Act.    

 Here are just a few of the wins we are celebrating:  

  • Dogs tethered outdoors for 23 hours in a 24-hour period must be taken off their tether for at least 60 continuous minutes to give them time for enrichment and exercise.  
  • Sick or injured dogs are no longer allowed to be tethered  
  • Standards for dog bedding have been increased to 3 inches  
  • Caregivers must provide veterinary recommendations in writing should their animal not receive exercise due to being sick/injured 
  • A choke collar, pinch collar, prong collar, slip collar, head halter collar or martingale collar must not be used with a tether on a dog kept outdoors. 

These updates to the Act are wonderful to see, but there is lots more work to be done. Join us as we continue to advocate for the animals and sign up to receive updates on our advocacy initiatives below. 

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elephant, gorilla, dolphin

Help animals by supporting the Jane Goodall Act  


The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society celebrates the reintroduction of the Jane Goodall Act into Parliament by Senator Marty Klyne. The proposed bill, originally introduced in 2020 by Senator Murry Sinclair, would be a significant step forward in the protection of exotic and wild animals in captivity. 


If passed, the bill would ban new captivity of great apes and elephants and ban the use of great apes, elephants, whales, dolphins and porpoises in performances. Most importantly, this act acknowledges that animals are sentient beings. The bill would represent an important step forward towards a transformation in how society regards animals.


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